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Using JSONField before Django 3.1

·2 mins
In Django 3.1, Django support save python data into database as JSON encoded data and it is also possible to make query based on field value in JSONField. The detailed usage can be found here. If you are using older version and want to try this feature.

Dynamic Allocate Executors when Executing Jobs in Spark

·4 mins
I wrote a Spark program to process logs. The number of logs always changes as time goes by. To ensure logs can be processed instantly, the number of executors is calculated by the maximum of logs per minutes. As a consequence, the CPU usage is low in executors.

Improve Kafka throughput

·5 mins
Kafka is a high-performance and scalable messaging system. Sometimes when handling big data. The default configuration may limit the maximum performance. In this article, I’ll explain how messages are generate and saved in Kafka, and how to improve performance by changing configuration.

Fix Error: Cask 'java' is unavailable in Homebrew

·1 min
After update brew to latest version, when calling cask related command, it always outputs Error: Cask 'java' is unavailable: No Cask with this name exists., such as brew list --cask. However, the brew command works. After doing some research, I found Java has been moved to homebrew/core.


Timezone in JVM

·2 mins
I wrote a Scala code to get the current time. However, the output is different on the development server and docker. import java.util.Calendar println(Calendar.getInstance().getTime) On my development server, it outputs Sun Oct 18 18:01:01 CST 2020, but in docker, it print a UTC time.

Using cibuildwheel to Create Python Wheels

·2 mins
Have you ever tried to install MySQL-python? It contains the C code and need to compile the code while install the package. You have to follow the steps in this articles: Install MySQL and MySQLClient(Python) in MacOS. Things get worse if you are using Windows.

Retrieve Large Dataset in Elasticsearch

·5 mins
It’s easy to get small dataset from Elasticsearch by using size and from. However, it’s impossible to retrieve large dataset in the same way. Deep Paging Problem #As we know it, Elasticsearch data is organised into indexes, which is a logical namespace, and the real data is stored into physical shards.

Program Crash Caused by CPU Instruction

·3 mins
It’s inevitable to dealing with bugs in coding career. The main part of coding are implementing new features, fixing bugs and improving performance. For me, there are two kinds of bugs that is difficult to tackle: those are hard to reproduce, and those occur in code not wrote by you.

C-m, RET and Return Key in Emacs

·2 mins
I use Emacs to write blog. In the recent update, I found M-RET no longer behave as leader key in org mode, but behave as org-meta-return. And even more strange is that in other mode, it behave as leader key. And M-RET also works in terminal in org mode.

Import custom package or module in PySpark

·1 min
First zip all of the dependencies into zip file like this. Then you can use one of the following methods to import it. |-- | |-- Using –py-files in spark-submit #When submit spark job, add parameter. will be distributed with the main scrip file, and kk.