Some Useful Shell Tools

Here are some shell tools I use, which can boost your productivity.


A zsh configuration framework. Provides auto completion, prompt theme and lots of modules to work with other useful tools. I extremely love the agnoster theme.


Help you to navigate between folders and launch application.

Here are the official usage example:

v def conf       =>     vim /some/awkward/path/to/type/default.conf
j abc            =>     cd /hell/of/a/awkward/path/to/get/to/abcdef
m movie          =>     mplayer /whatever/whatever/whatever/awesome_movie.mp4
o eng paper      =>     xdg-open /you/dont/remember/where/english_paper.pdf
vim `f rc lo`    =>     vim /etc/rc.local
vim `f rc conf`  =>     vim /etc/rc.conf


A fast code search tool similar to ack.


A great fuzzy finder, it can also integrate with vim by fzf.vim


Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command.


More concise and user-friendly man pages. (This screenshot uses powerlevel10k theme)

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