Here are some shell tools I use, which can boost your productivity.

Prezto Link to heading

A zsh configuration framework. Provides auto completion, prompt theme and lots of modules to work with other useful tools. I extremely love the agnoster theme.

Fasd Link to heading

Help you to navigate between folders and launch application.

Here are the official usage example:

v def conf       =>     vim /some/awkward/path/to/type/default.conf
j abc            =>     cd /hell/of/a/awkward/path/to/get/to/abcdef
m movie          =>     mplayer /whatever/whatever/whatever/awesome_movie.mp4
o eng paper      =>     xdg-open /you/dont/remember/where/english_paper.pdf
vim `f rc lo`    =>     vim /etc/rc.local
vim `f rc conf`  =>     vim /etc/rc.conf

pt Link to heading

A fast code search tool similar to ack.

fzf Link to heading

A great fuzzy finder, it can also integrate with vim by fzf.vim

thefuck Link to heading

Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command.

tldr Link to heading

More concise and user-friendly man pages. (This screenshot uses powerlevel10k theme)

ripgrep Link to heading

Another search tool. Use rg -. to include hidden files.

fd Link to heading

A user-friendly alternative to find. Ignore hidden files and gitignore file by default.

For example: fd -H 'flac$' search all files ends with flac.

bat Link to heading

Similar to cat with syntax highlighting and git integration.

Zim Link to heading

A fast Zsh framework. You can use OMZ plugin like this:

export ZSH_CACHE_DIR=~/.cache

zmodule ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh --use degit --source 'plugins/fasd/fasd.plugin.zsh'

  • update 18/11/19

    Add tldr

    powerlevel10k theme is a fancy ZSH theme

  • update 29/12/21

    Add rg, bat, fd

  • update 06/01/22

    Add Zim